Thursday, June 28, 2012

Featured Brewery: Maine Beer Company

Do you have Maine Beer in your Frig?????
Maine Beer Company has a tag line that pretty much sums up who they are, what they believe in and how they do business: Do What’s Right! They are members of 1% for the planet , an organization committed to carrying forth a mission to teach our population that industry and ecology are inherently connected. And in their words: ‘we try our hardest to make the best beer possible. No cutting corners’. And we truly appreciate everyone who has ever bought a bottle or pint of our beer’. Their response when asked what the coolest thing about being part of the Maine beer industry was? ‘Good beer and great community of beer drinkers’.

Maine Beer Company is two brothers making, testing, packaging and selling beer –literally. Dan and Dave are the founders, the Brewmasters, the Marketing Directors, the CEO’s, the Tour Guides…you get the picture. In his spare time, brother Dan is the President of the Maine Brewers Guild. This is why it is even more impressive that they currently have 5 varieties of kick --- beer, distributed in 6 states, reaching to cities as far and as distinguished as NYC and Philadelphia! As if all of that wasn’t keeping them busy enough, they are currently working on a special pilot batch that will only be available at the Craft Beer Comes to Boothbay Festival on July 14th and will be auctioning off an opportunity to join them for a brew session.

So if you haven’t already…you should definitely hunt down and drink some beer made at Maine Beer Company.  You'll quickly find out what you've been missing!
Find out what the bro’s have brewing next on facebook.

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