Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Backseat Lovin' -- Special Brew for Maine Craft Beer Comes to Boothbay

Industrial Way Collaboration Brew: Cheers for a little Backseat Lovin'!

Allagash Brewing, Maine Beer Company, and Rising Tide Brewing Company have joined together to brew a special beer for the Craft Beer Comes to Boothbay festival on July 30.

Using Allagash's proprietary base malt blend and house yeast strain, locally grown organic rye provided by Rising Tide, and a hop blend and schedule created by Maine Beer, the three breweries are proud to present Backseat Lovin', a Belgian Rye Pale Ale.

The beer was brewed in collaboration by Allagsh brewers Jason Perkins and Dee Dee Germain, Maine Beer Company brewer Dan Kleban, and Rising Tide brewer Nathan Sanborn at Maine Beer Company's facility on Industrial Way.

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